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Alegeri în Italia. PD-ul națiunii, încotro?

    De ce să nu spui niciodată ciaone alegătorilor înainte de administrative Pe 17 aprilie 2016, în Italia, a avut loc referendumul împotriva trivelelor, adică împotriva reînnoirii contractelor de concesionare petrolifere. PD-ul a invitat în masă la abstinență alegătorii, știind că cel mai probabil, ..

Greece – Happy New Year 2014

As the situation continues to worsen in Greece, many decided to skip 2013 and go directly to 2014, hoping that it might be better. The air of Athens is full of wood smoke as many inhabitants cannot afford  the highly taxed heating oil. Many apartment buildings and houses did not purchase heating oil and instead used w ..

Elections Without Choice: Notes on the De Facto Situation

de Andrei State For the first time after the 1989 Revolution, this December’s parliamentary elections appear to us deprived of their social stake. And this is not because the range of electoral choices does not include an ‘authentic’ left-wing party,[1] nor is it because the fundamental differences among the poli ..

For Herta Müller

Herta Müller is fighting in all earnest with Stalinism, Communism, the Securitate and all sorts of Eastern zombies that could contaminate the Western State of Law. Unlike that of Tismăneanu & comp – hers is not a mercantile and profitable fight. She probably really believes that it has a real meaning for to ..

A reflective and subjective guide to Moldova’s cultural paradigm

 Preliminary Data In the following, we will be referring to the modern era (late XIXth century to the present) cultural structures and mechanisms of theMoldovanRepublic, but also to a certain cultural configuration that has emerged and continues to evolve there in the last few years. I will attempt a brief overview of ..

Occupy Petrom. A Ballad of Small Stakes

News release issued on 9th of November, 2011: during the 3rd quarter, Petrom registered record profit of EUR 275 million, having all chances to exceed 1 billion of profit for the entire year. Why have you never protested in front of the central OMV-Petrom headquarters?, I asked, at a reunion, some young trade unionists ..

Engineering Moldovan Identity: Moldovan Writers from Stalinism to the Independence

ISSUE: Republic of Moldova: Romania’s Superiority Complex  Identity and Cultural Conflicts One of the main tasks attributed to Soviet Moldovan writers and “creative intellectuals”, from the creation of the first literary organization of the Moldovan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (MASSR) up until the colla ..

Is there Rock’n’Roll Within the Republic of Moldova?

Pretty much so, yet in a robinhoodish way. It appears spontaneously, shocks and disappears. When, in 1969, Noroc sells 2,5 million copies of a four-tracks single, everyone starts searching for Moldova on the map – the guys in Siberia and the ones in Berlin. De ce plîng chitarele (Why are the Guitars Crying) reaches ..

The historical significance of Traian Băsescu’s suspension

Twenty years ago, in March 1992, NSF (National Salvation Front) split into two factions: the DNSF (Democratic National Salvation Front) – led by Ion Iliescu – which later became PSDR (Party of Social Democracy in Romania) and then SDP (Social Democratic Party), and DP (Democratic Party), the subsequent name tak ..

Counterproductive paradigms of poverty and the need for a socialist party in Parliament

I maintain that the Indignant or the “99%”, the aggressive atheism, the relative poverty and flexicurity concepts are counterproductive for the cause of poverty reduction. On the contrary, I claim that the political mobilization of the Romanian poor is vital, that SDP’s (Social-Democratic Party) actions inadequat ..