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Those Protesting in Romania Today

In a paper already famous – “Time for Outrage” – Stéphane Hessel urges his readers to get outraged, claiming that the basic ground for resistance is outrage. Hessel was often rebuked that outrage is not enough, that collective action meant to bring about change entails more than that. Still, Hessel tel ..

CriticAtac between forceful overtaking of power and the “democratic” hysteria of the opposition: we refuse to take part in a public extortion

We have been witnessing during the past few month the overtaking of power by the new majority parliament coalition formed around the Social Liberal Union (USL), to the disadvantage of the former Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), as the latter was also clearly defeated as a political force in the local elections on the 10 ..

Who We Are

CriticAtac is a social, intellectual and political critique group. Our group’s ideology is mainly leftist, but we are no ideological faction and don’t go around patting each other on the shoulders for the brilliant and concerted line of our ideas. We are quite diverse, due among others to the fact that one of our m ..