Fascism in Europa

Texte selectate sau scrise de echipa redacţională: Vasile Ernu, Costi Rogozanu, Florin Poenaru.

Orice reaparitie a fascismului e semnul unei revolutii ratate.


Partly as a result, this will be the most interesting European election campaign since direct elections to the European parliament began in 1979 – for all across Europe there is the most amazing array of national protest parties. “Populists” is the blanket term lazily draped over them all, but it does not capture their diversity. With all due disrespect to the UK Independence party and Germany’s anti-euro Allianz für Deutschland, it is quite wrong to tar them with the same brush as Greece’s neo-fascist Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik or France’s Front National. That’s even more true of, say, Catalan nationalists, let alone Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement in Italy – which could not be farther from the far right. Closer to the xenophobic politics of the French Front National – but with multiple national and sub-national variations – are groupings such as the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, Finland’s The Finns party (until recently, True Finns), the Danish People’s party, and so-called Freedom parties in Austria and Holland.

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CriticAtac este o platformă care militează pentru posibilitatea exprimării libere şi în condiţii de egalitate a tuturor vocilor şi opiniilor. De aceea, comentariile care aduc injurii, discriminează, calomniează şi care în general deturnează şi obstrucţionează dialogul vor fi moderate iar contul de utilizator va fi permanent blocat.

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