Greece still bust, Spain depressed, Italy paralysed

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Michael Roberts despre “ieşirea” din criză:

As the summer rolls on, it is increasingly clear that the depression in the southern Eurozone economies is not going to go away any time soon.  Sure, the latest PMI data would suggest that the pace of decline in the Eurozone peripherals is slowing and, overall, the Eurozone may have stopped contracting in Q2 2013.









But the southern states are still deep in depression.  The most revealing news came from the latest IMF report on Greece (  According to the IMF, Greece is still bust and will not be able to get its huge public debt burden down sufficiently to sustain government finances or repay the loans it has received from the Euro leaders.  Despite the largest decline in living standards and real GDP of any European country since the Great Depression of the 1930s and all the austerity measures insisted by the Euro leaders and imposed by the right-wing coalition government, the government budget will still have a shortfall next year and need yet more funding if it is to close the gap.  Also, Greece won’t be able to meet the IMF’s target to reduce public sector debt from 176% of GDP this year to 124% by the end of the decade.  And remember 124% of GDP would put Greek state debt at a higher ratio than any other European country and way higher than can make debt servicing sustainable.


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