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Gareth Dale teaches politics at Brunel University. His publications have covered such topics as ‘social Europe’, the EU and migrant labour, the EU ‘refugee crisis,’ and race and class.

Intersectionalities of Brexit: Interview with Gareth Dale

CriticAtac: So, Brexit has won. Nonetheless, it is not entirely clear what this entails and, indeed, if anything really major has happened so far. What are the next institutional and procedural steps? The UK establishment seems to be trying to drag out the process and postpone the big move, with some even suggesting that the referendum result should be ignored, or that a second referendum should be held, while EU officials, as offended as they want to appear, are pushing for a swift exit. What do you think will happen and what sort of institutional relationship will eventually be negotiated between the UK (or what’s left of it) and the EU? Major? For sure. The EU … Continuă să citești

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