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Alona is a Phd candidate in Urban Studies (URBEUR) at University of Milan-Bicocca focusing on housing in Eastern Europe. She is a co-editor of Commons: Journal for Social Criticism.

A Story of one Banner

Today on the 8th of March, we, a group of left and anarchist feminists, set out to make visible several problems faced by every woman in contemporary Ukraine. These include poverty and bad work environment, domestic violence and the Church lobbying against the Istanbul convention. But there is one more problem that has become an everyday reality: far right violence against the feminist and LGBT+ activists. Basically every event addressing these issues, including talks and workshops, is facing threats of violence and actual physical attacks. And this is no news. This is what our banner meant to portray. As a symbo ..

“To EU or not to EU?” This is just the wrong question

Reflexions on the debates on the Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine Agreement On the 6th of April in the Netherlands just over 30% of potential voters took part in a referendum on the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement. This Agreement is one of the numerous Free Trade Area Agreements established between the EU and countries all around the world, from Mexico to Mozambique. The Agreement with Ukraine was signed by president Poroshenko less than two years ago and since that time has been partially implemented. It was ratified by all the EU-member states and, for the most part, garnered no political respo ..