We Asked: the Legacy of Corbynism

Under the radical leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Labour Party has been seen as a ray of hope and a model for progressive revival by many – though by no means all – leftists across Europe and the Atlantic world. Labour’s painful defeat in the recent general election is an occasion for thinking about the legacy of Corbynism, and the view from Eastern Europe, broadly defined (here including Israel and the diaspora) is particularly important given the role played by Eastern European migration, English nationalism, xenophobia and accusations of antisemitism in the run-up to this decisive setback. We asked leftists from Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania and Israel to reflect on the rise and fall of the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK Labour party, the lessons of Corbynism as a broader political project, and the way forward, each from the particular vantage point of their own organising experience.


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