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Petition of Solidarity of the Romanian Left with the SYRIZA government and the Greek people

Note: this petition has been widely circulated and received a lot of support in Romanian. We publish here the English version.  For the last five years ordinary people from all across Europe have been paying for a crisis they didn’t create. For the last five years we have been paying for the irresponsible quest for profits of the financial system and for the failure of governments to control that system. From our money, the banks have been bailed out and the bankers have given each other outrageous bonuses. In the meantime, wages and pensions dropped dramatically, unemployment skyrocketed and the gap between t ..

What lies beneath Die Linke’s silence over Syriza?

Despite its continuous vocal advocacy for radical changes in the EU economic and financial policies, Die Linke has remained to a large extent passive regarding the Greek government and its initial actions, relying predominantly on open declarations of support. The formation of a Syriza-led government in Greece presents an important milestone for the efforts of the European left to abolish the current EU austerity policies. The latest steps in this direction were offered at the negotiations with the Eurogroup. In this respect, representatives of four leading European radical left parties issued a call for joint ac ..

On SYRIZA and its victory in the recent general elections in Greece

Note from the LeftEast editors: The following piece was composed prior to the most recent negotiations between the SYRIZA government and the EU. We republish it here not to contribute to the current crisis, but to facilitate comradely discussion and debate on the relevant political questions that emerged since January 25. We believe that the following article provides much needed background on the relationship between SYRIZA and the Greek social movements, and outlines the shift in the party’s policies since May-June 2012. This article was originally published by the anti-state communist journal  Τα Παι ..

Syriza’s victory stirs the Left’s political imagination across Central, Eastern and South East Europe

Three weeks ago the Left celebrated Syriza’s victory. The plot has thickened since, and it will surely intensify further by the 28th of February when the EU-IMF bailout is due to expire. As the Greek drama unravels, it is those who are most supportive of Syriza that will judge it most critically. Asked by LeftEast’s Adela Gjorgjoska, nine left-wing activists from Central, Eastern and South East Europe evaluate its prospects, and how these might echo beyond political imagination into national and international action. Click on each image to read each interview. — Adela Gjorgjioska ..

Two weeks of a “radical” leftist experience. A rift or EU integration ahead?

Note from the LeftEast editors: We publish this article criticizing SYRIZA from the left because we believe in the possibility and necessity of such a critique, which can strengthen this movement’s resolve in the face of such formidable pressure from the outside. But it’s also important to remember “that men make history but in circumstances not of their own choosing.” Almost two weeks have passed under the governance of the new ruling coalition in Greece, led by the so-called “radical” left SYRIZA. You see, the media all over the world enjoy to call SYRIZA radical, mostly due to the p ..

A government of the Left in Greece: the coalition of SYRIZA with ANEL and what lies ahead

After January 25th, with the landslide victory of the radical-left SYRIZA over the right-wing New Democracy, we have in Greece the first (and only) left-wing government ever elected in a European Union member state. This alone is already a major development, not only for Greece and its crisis-ridden society, but also for a Europe struggling with numerous problems and impasses and for its peoples anxiously searching for alternatives to the dominant neoliberal model. But many have found it difficult to celebrate SYRIZA’s victory as a ‘victory of the left’, since SYRIZA immediately formed a coalition governmen ..

Greece: Promising the meta-austerity era: Directions and dilemmas

by Theodora Vetta & Anastasios Grigorakis, original source FocaalBlog Thessaloniki, 21 January 2015. Since the announcement of the Greek elections, Greece has once again become the center of global attention. We know that just by watching the news on Greek TV channels. We learn bits and bytes about the discussion that has opened around possible scenarios for debt restructuring, possible domino effects of a Grexit, or analyses of the failed rescue plans. Yet, we learn substantially more about public statements coming from Wolfgang Schäuble and company, statements that address various audiences and that are m ..

Unconditional support for SYRIZA

I will try to be short and I will try to explain the importance of SYRIZA’s victory for me as a leftist from Kosovo. I will try to present some of my points of view on how I see the problem of the Left today, on the concrete or symbolic meaning of SYRIZA’s victory for the Left worldwide in general and for the Balkans in particular, and about the reasons why we should support SYRIZA now and without any condition. Maybe all of these issues are related with one radical question, radical in the primary meaning of the word “radical”, which comes from the Greek word radius (core): What does SYRIZA’s victory m ..

In support of SYRIZA

Note from the LeftEast editors: with this text Left-wing activists working in/on East-Central Europe support the struggle of SYRIZA in Greece in the coming election on the 25th of January 2015. If you would like your name or that of your organization to be added to the list, please write to lefteasteditors [at] gmail . com The focus of international public opinion is on Greece as it holds general elections on 25  January. The predicted victory of SYRIZA, the party of the radical left, is a threat to the austerity regime imposed on the  country by the  ‘Troika’: the European Union, the European Central Ban ..