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Jobbik agrees with the Migrant Solidarity network? (No, not really.)

source: MigSzol.Com UPDATE: Since the writing of this article it has been reported that the German state has suspended Dublin deportations of Syrian refugees, even if they have their fingerprints and asylum claims in countries like Hungary. This is a great victory for the rights of refugees in Europe.  This also begs the question of why Syrians are now ‘privileged’ in this absurd system but not Afghans, Iraqis, Somalis and others fleeing brutal wars? Right extreme party Jobbik recently called on the Fidesz Party-led Hungarian govt to suspend the EU’s Dublin III Regulation. MigSzol [Migrant Solidarity ne ..

VIDEO: #TalkReal in Athens

Note from the LeftEast editors: This is the first English episode of #TalkReal, a show that aims to explore the current possibilities and challenges before the left-wing movements in crisis-ridden Europe. LeftEast is happy to join in the media platforms which will be sharing the clips, including so far OpenDemocracy and ROARmag. After months of negotiations Greece reached a bad agreement with its Eurozone partners. The question “What comes next?” was widely discussed at the GCAS World Conference Democracy Rising in Athens (16-19 July), in which the interviewees of #TalkReal took part. As Markos Vo ..

Bulgaria on Greece: Tale of the Virtuous Poor

source: Framing Financial Crisis and Protest (Open University coordinated project) Parents tell children stories to lull them to sleep under the rhythm of feel-good predictability, with the added value of offering a moral formula or two. Children are expected to soak up the latter like sponges and turn into models of good behaviour in due course. Behind the idea of “soaking up” the morality tales told by parental authorities to unsuspecting children is the fear that one might say something obvious like, “The emperor is naked!” The resonances of Anderson’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” are ..

PLAN C: Which plan for the Left government in Greece after the new memorandum?

Over the last couple of days, the Global Centre of Advanced Studies (GCAS) “Democracy Rising” Conference took place in Athens, Greece. There has been much talk about three possible plans for the future of Greece: PLAN A (the continuation of Memoranda politics), PLAN B (exit from Euro), PLAN C (strengthening local cooperatives and subsistence economies, empowering communities). It has to be clear that these plans are not mutually exclusive, but could form at least demarcatory grounds for future strategy and popular mobilisation. This is a short comment on these plans. PLAN A Let me be clear from the st ..

The Balkans: the missing link the the international solidarity on the Greek referendum

The negotiations of the Greek government with the Troika have shown that our ‘shared European home’ was built over financial quicksands. Yet, by 2015 it should come as no surprise that ECB, Eurogroup, and IMF readily risk a humanitarian crisis, a rise of disease, violence, hunger, and death of thousands in Greece and Europe. Syriza’s government has made unique, colossal effort to cut a deal that saves not the banks, but poor citizens. Sadly, growing concessions and emphasis on the negotiations have happened amidst a shortage of publicly stated nationally or regionally viable economic alternatives. The manda ..

European Strategies of Managing the Crisis

Note from the LeftEast editors: this article was originally published in collaboration with the Balkan web-portal Bilten.org. For the past five years the bureaucracy in Brussels has been embroiled in constant political and institutional struggle to rein in the economic crisis and ensure the stability of capital accumulation. Its strategic plan has relied above all on pushing through structural reforms and fiscal discipline. The insistence on such structural reforms is nothing but a euphemism for cutting workers’ rights, lowering wages and restricting collective bargaining. At the same time member states are ..

On SYRIZA and its victory in the recent general elections in Greece

Note from the LeftEast editors: The following piece was composed prior to the most recent negotiations between the SYRIZA government and the EU. We republish it here not to contribute to the current crisis, but to facilitate comradely discussion and debate on the relevant political questions that emerged since January 25. We believe that the following article provides much needed background on the relationship between SYRIZA and the Greek social movements, and outlines the shift in the party’s policies since May-June 2012. This article was originally published by the anti-state communist journal  Τα Παι ..

Syriza’s victory stirs the Left’s political imagination across Central, Eastern and South East Europe

Three weeks ago the Left celebrated Syriza’s victory. The plot has thickened since, and it will surely intensify further by the 28th of February when the EU-IMF bailout is due to expire. As the Greek drama unravels, it is those who are most supportive of Syriza that will judge it most critically. Asked by LeftEast’s Adela Gjorgjoska, nine left-wing activists from Central, Eastern and South East Europe evaluate its prospects, and how these might echo beyond political imagination into national and international action. Click on each image to read each interview. — Adela Gjorgjioska ..

Greece: Promising the meta-austerity era: Directions and dilemmas

by Theodora Vetta & Anastasios Grigorakis, original source FocaalBlog Thessaloniki, 21 January 2015. Since the announcement of the Greek elections, Greece has once again become the center of global attention. We know that just by watching the news on Greek TV channels. We learn bits and bytes about the discussion that has opened around possible scenarios for debt restructuring, possible domino effects of a Grexit, or analyses of the failed rescue plans. Yet, we learn substantially more about public statements coming from Wolfgang Schäuble and company, statements that address various audiences and that are m ..