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Turkey’s Tiananmen in Context

At 9:30 yesterday morning Turkish citizens opposed to their government’s war policies gathered at the Ankara Train Station for a demonstration organized by a broad alliance of organizations: the country’s two main oppositional labor unions (DISK and KESK), the national Chamber of Architects and Engineers (TMMOB), the Medical Association (Tabipler Birliği) and the June Movement (Haziran Hareketi) formed in 2013 to give lasting organizational form to the Gezi Park protests, to name a few. Shortly before ten o’clock the group began its march toward Sıhiyye Square where from 12:00-16:00 they were to hold a ra ..

#crossingnomore: “We don’t want to drown no more!”

Note from the LeftEast editors: this article has been written by Mathias Fiedler, currently in Istanbul, for BorderMonitoring.Eu. The article is reprinted here with the permission of the author. We also insert a video which the Marxist website Marksist.Org has published (below) with the voices of the Syrian refugees at the Edirne bus terminal. It has been in planning for some time. While many people are trying to escape at Izmir and Bodrum via boat for quite a long time now. Especially in the warlike areas at the borders with Syria and Iraq, the pogroms against Kurdish civilians and hundreds of HDP offices ..

“You are all Armenians!”—The Place of Cizre in the Terror Wars

This past weekend a stroll through a middle-class section of Turkey’s capital revealed nothing out of the ordinary besides a somewhat unusually high number of flags in store windows. Beneath the crescent and star against a blood-red background there appeared occasionally messages of grief for fallen soldiers and condemnations of “terror.” Terror is a good word for what the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) Parliamentarian Mehmet Ali Aslan (Mardin) reports from the Kurdish city of Cizre under police curfew: “All through the night artillery and mortar fire continued. All power lines have burst. At this mome ..

Turkey: Academics Call for Peace and Justice

We, the undersigned academics, are deeply concerned about the escalating violence after the general elections held on June 7th in Turkey. After these elections, AKP, the previously ruling party, has lost its absolute majority status and yet appears to act as if its status has not changed, undermining the electoral votes. The transition government put together with the AKP-appointed ministers has embarked upon a military and political campaign within and outside of Turkey. The horrific suicide bombing in Suruç, Turkey, appears to be used as grounds for the justification of the recent military operations. On 20 Ju ..

Kurds, Labor, and the Left in Turkey. An Interview with Erdem Yörük

With Turkey’s parliamentary elections on Sunday fast approaching, all eyes are on the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) contesting its first ever election as a party, rather than a coalition of nominally independent candidates: a momentous decision on the part of the party leadership, which stands to gain clout in parliament and solidify its position as the electoral standard-bearer of the radical Left—or fall below the constitutionally mandated 10% barrier and be excluded from parliament entirely. At issue is whether the party has succeeded at building a leftist coalition including, but not limited to, its ba ..

A Discourse that Fuels Violence: AKP and the Culture of Permissiveness Toward Violence against Women in Turkey

Özgecan Aslan’s story was close to the heart. We have all been that girl trying to get home at night in the dark, alone. We are all too familiar with shorter breaths, raised heartbeats and sweaty palms, prompted by an instinct of being in danger. In this very instant, while everything else is tuned out, the unavoidable self-blame sinks in… for being so late, for being the last passenger on a public transport vehicle, for wearing that outfit that makes you noticed. Were these Özgecan’s last thoughts? The brutal murder of a 20-year-old university student, Özgecan Aslan, by three men who attempted to rape h ..

Sosyalist Feminist Kolektif: Fighting for Women’s Rights in Turkey. An interview with Selin Cagatay.

Note from the LeftEast editors: The attempted rape, murder, and burning of 20-year-old university student Özgecan Aslan on Feb. 11th touched a nerve in a society where male-on-female violence has been a chronic problem. Massive demonstrations throughout Turkey followed soon after, but what will it take to stem the surge in  femicide over the last decade or so? Mattia Gallo: Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan said that women are not equal to men. His public statement is only one piece of a policy pursued by his party of conservative neo – liberalism, a policy that increases precarity and poverty for men and ..

“We want to share the Kobani revolution with other peoples”. A Photo-Interview with Enver Müslim.

In early January 2015, a group of Turkish journalists from Bolsevik.org visited the ruins of Kobani. They talked to Enver Müslim, co-president of the canton. Here is what they heard and saw: Let’s start with the first attacks of ISIS. Why do you think that they started to attack Kobani? E.M: Kurdish people have long been oppressed by the Syrian regime. The use of the Kurdish language, for example, was forbidden. When it started in 2011, the Rojava Revolution based itself on removing such infringements on people’s rights. We wanted to share the revolution with other peoples, not only with Kurds. So, our aim ..