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Volodymyr Artyukh is a PhD Student in Sociology and Social Anthropology, Central European University

[Podcast] Workers’ Solidarity and Changing Ideology in Belarus

LeftEast shares this podcast with the permission of its producers from Contrasens. What is precarity? And how does it adapt to the Eastern European context? In the 11th episode of Contrasens’ podcast, we take a closer look at work and workers. Together with our guest, Volodya Artyukh, who is a Ph.D researcher at C.E.U., we talk about labor aspects in the Eastern European space, specifically in Belarus. Our focus is on workers’ solidarity and protests in the context of ideological change in an ex-soviet country. By thinking through the historical context we show you a glimpse of the economical and politica ..

The Western Left Should Not Repeat the Mistake Ukrainian Protesters Did on Maidan

Source: Socialist Worker, Ireland The protesters that started gathering on Kyiv’s main square (‘maidan’) almost ten months ago were driven by a certain kind of ‘occidentalism’ (if I may introduce this term by analogy with orientalism). Europe, which stood as an epitome of Occident for them, presented a generalized image of Ukraine relieved from all evils: corruption, poverty, economic backwardness. However, this vacuous image formed by the desires of the protesting masses, was filled by the content provided by political passions of groups, organizations and parties that struggled to dominate the protest ..