Articles by Victoria Lomasko

The Art of Empathy: An Interview with Russian Graphic Artist Victoria Lomasko

Victoria Lomasko is a fixture at Moscow’s trials and protests, documenting the tumultuous processes that shape today’s Russia. Not content to limit herself to the political life of the country’s capital, Lomasko travels around the country and through the former Soviet republics, exploring the domestic, psychological, and spiritual condition of its diverse marginalized groups. Sex workers in Nizhny Novgorod, women in underground lesbian clubs, teachers in a remote village school, and children at the juvenile prison colonies, where Lomasko volunteers as an art teacher, have been some of the subjec ..

Victoria Lomasko: Russian Truckers Prepare for Nationwide Strike

Chronicle of a Troubled Time by Victoria Lomasko The Khimki Truckers’ Camp Readies Itself for Nationwide Strike Translated and published by TheRussianReader. Truckers’ camp in Khimki Sergei Vladimirov, a coordinator at the Khimki truckers’ camp: “In the early days, we pushed everybody away and were suspicious of each other. We didn’t know each other yet.” Andrei Bazhutin, another coordinator at the camp: “In the early days, chaos prevailed, but now the guys are like soldiers. We have figured out what ‘newsworthy’ means and how to give interviews, but the demand on us has been such it is like we ..

Victoria Lomasko: A Trip to Dagestan

 25 Jan 2016 from Drawing the Times  Elmira, a Kumyk woman Mostly homebound folks like me learn a lot by going on illustrated and narrated trips to various parts of Russia and the former Soviet Union with graphic reportage artist extraordinaire Victoria Lomasko. Her recent “Trip to Dagestan,” now published in English in Drawing the Times, is no exception. In fact, it will blow your socks off if you read it all the way through.  Makhachkala 1  The first sight I was shown in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, a Russian Federation republic in the North Caucasus, was the prison on Scorpion Hill. “A reb ..

Victoria Lomasko: A Trip to Kyrgyzstan

August 25, 2014 Kyrygzstan/Kirghizia I had come to visit Bishkek Feminist Сollective SQ. “Are there really feminists in Kirghizia?” my mom had wondered before I left. On the way from the airport to Bishkek the collective’s leader, Selbi, corrected my speech several times. “It’s not Kirghizia, but Kyrgyzstan, and Kyrgyz, not Kirghiz.” In fact, the local Russians speak the way they are used to, and no one pays any mind to their use of “Kirghiz.” But when a Kyrgyz says it, it is insulting and even offensive. It means someone who is Russified and has forgotten the traditions of their people. Besides ..