Articles by Vasile Ernu

Dissidents among Dissidents: Interview with Ilya Budraitskis about his recent book

Note from the LeftEast editors: Interview conducted by Vasile Ernu for, introduced by Giuliano Vivaldi and translated from the Russian by Joseph Livesey. One would have hoped that the occasion of the centenary of the Russian Revolution would have lead to a serious reimagination of both the event in itself as well as the legacy and history emerging from this monumental event. In the English-speaking world many books have been rolling off the press in an attempt to reread this event in a number of ways. China Mieville’s October was arguably the best-written of the actual accounts of the revolutio ..

Eastern Europe as a periphery: The case of Romania

Romania’s swan song or a few thoughts on the disappearance of the Romanian state Although I have a degree in philosophy and I coordinate, alongside my colleagues, an online platform devoted to social critique, political and ideological analyses from a Leftist perspective, I am not a theorist. I am a writer and a product of the Communist and Postcommunist East (I lived in the USSR, Moldova and Romania), I keep a close watch on everything that happens in this area and I wholeheartedly participate in all the local undertakings. In the following I will try to tell you a story, to knit together a few ideas about the ..

A reflective and subjective guide to Moldova’s cultural paradigm

Preliminary Data In the following, we will be referring to the modern era (late XIXth century to the present) cultural structures and mechanisms of theMoldovanRepublic, but also to a certain cultural configuration that has emerged and continues to evolve there in the last few years. I will attempt a brief overview of the field and theme in question. When we speak ofMoldova, we must first take into account the history of the period that she was a part of, but also the socio-political waters that she had to “sail” during these years. If we simplify and reduce the subject to a few points that allow for the two a ..