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Tijana Okic teaches philosophy at the University of Sarajevo and was a member of the working groups of the Sarajevo Plenum.

Universalize The Struggle

This article was originally published on the website Balkan Stories. I know some people will certainly misunderstand the text below, but as someone who campaigned on the issue, who received numerous anonymous threats while working at the University in Sarajevo for „spreading gayness and being an atheist“, I am offering an analyses and my opinion as I think we need a left perspective: 1. We are facing the same challenges previously faced by fellow activists, leftists and those against the current state of affairs in Croatia and Serbia: i.e. Pride depending on the strong support of foreign embassies and the Sta ..

Monopolising Dayton or how Ivica Todorić’s empire swallowed Bosnian markets

A shorter version of the article was originally published on Bilten.Org and this is a revised and expanded version of that article. For some time now it has been been impossible to find a supermaket in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (and more widely in Bosnia) that does not belong to the Agrokor concern of Ivica Todorić. The expansion of his food production, distribution, retail and wholesale empire to the Bosnian market already began in the 2000s when Agrokor bought Kiseljak of Sarajevo. It is certain that Todorić had already made his first „political friends“ in Bosnia in this period, which later a ..