Articles by Stefan Krastev

Anti-Roma Riots in the Heart of Bulgaria: Racists against Inequality?

We are publishing this article in cooperation with the Serbo-Croatian web portal Bilten. In the “Offenders in Gabrovo!” Facebook group, natives of the eponymous Central Bulgarian town comment upon all sorts of irregularities: they lambaste the owner of a car parked on the wrong side of the street, mobilize to replace a broken lamp post, ridicule the municipality’s failed street disinfection campaign, announce a lost set of keys, and criticize irregular public transportation. With more than 25 000 members, roughly half the town’s population, the group serves as a messy sort of a citizen’s ass ..

Without vision of social change, Bulgarian politics is returning back to Boyko Borisov

This article is published in collaboration with the Serbo-Croatian online web portal Bilten.Org The upcoming elections in Bulgaria in the beginning of October are the second early ones in the course of just one year. They mark a next stage of an intense political crisis taking place since the middle of 2012. The crisis started with violent social protests triggered by rising prices of electricity for households in the country, turned into a rage against the political system in general. The protest led to the resignation of Boyko Borisov’s GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) right-wing gover ..

Is it the Fall of the Great Mediator?

In the bestiary of east European political monsters Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is a peculiarly elusive species. When he first came to power in 2009 both the remains of the 1990s liberal anticommunist concert (think tanks-media-the old right wing parties), and the ordinary people were thrusting contradictory hopes on Borisov’s shoulders. The liberal elite was seeing in him a handy populist tool that could be skillfully used to further the perpetually unfinished neoliberal reform package and stabilize its shaking ideological hegemony. Ordinary people on the other hand voted Borisov hoping to put a ..