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Rron Gjinovci was born in 1989 in Prishtina, Kosovo. He started his bachelor in University of Prishtina studying Engineering Physics and Philosophy. After a symbolic action in 2010, where Rron and one of his colleagues threw red paint on rector he was expelled from studies. Also Rron was imprisoned for a month in prison of Lipjan because of this symbolic action. Rron is co-founder of Students Organization “Students Movement for Equality – Study, Critic , Action”. The organization mentioned was key actor to recent protest (2014) that were successful and pushed rector of university to resign. Rron writes opinions for main daily newspapers in Kosovo such as “zeri” and “Koha Ditore”. He’s author of around 30 articles.From 2008 untill 2012 he was activist of Movement for Self-Determination “Levizja Vetevendosje”*. He resigned from General Assembly of Vetevendosje in 2012 because of ideological reasons. He’s not a member of Vetevendosje anymore. Rron was co-organizer of the protests that took place in beginning of 2013 against the increase of the price of electricity. Rron is now studying Philosophy since he gained his right to study again after two years of appellation.

Unconditional support for SYRIZA

I will try to be short and I will try to explain the importance of SYRIZA’s victory for me as a leftist from Kosovo. I will try to present some of my points of view on how I see the problem of the Left today, on the concrete or symbolic meaning of SYRIZA’s victory for the Left worldwide in general and for the Balkans in particular, and about the reasons why we should support SYRIZA now and without any condition. Maybe all of these issues are related with one radical question, radical in the primary meaning of the word “radical”, which comes from the Greek word radius (core): What does SYRIZA’s victory m ..