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Researcher in politics and international studies. She is interested in and would like to learn more about critical political economy, theories of state, management of money and labour-power in capitalism, academic labour and freedom, dynamics of (de)politicisation within and beyond the context of Turkey.

The crisis of capital, money and state in Turkey: An attempt at demystification

‘If they have their dollars, we have our Allah’ – This is how the President of Turkey responded to the historic drop in the value of the lira in August this year before calling for boycotts of US products and discouraging the citizens from exchanging their liras into foreign currency in the name of defending the national economy against the so-called interest rate lobby and foreign powers. Only a few days later a swap agreement between the central banks of Qatar and Turkey was announced amidst an extreme hike in inflation and continual fall in the value of the domestic currency. There was a pron ..