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Ovidiu Tichindeleanu is a philosopher and culture theorist living in Chişinău, writing on critical social theory, decolonial thought, and the cultural history of postcommunism. Editor of IDEA arts + society and IDEA publishing house, co-founding member of Indymedia Romania, CriticAtac. PhD in Philosophy, SUNY Binghamton, 2009. Forthcoming book: "The Postcommunist Colonization, A Critical History of the Culture of Transition."

NO to transition 2.0: Social recomposition, Decolonisation and Transautonomism

This article was originally published as part of the Gazette of Political Art (GAP) #12 „In the Name of the Periphery. Decolonial theory and intervention in the Romanian context” December 2015, coordinated by Veda Popovici and Ovidiu Pop. It is the second out of a small series of materials from this issue, which LeftEast will present in English. The illustration was prepared for GAP by Alex Horghidan. (translated from Romanian for LeftEast by Raluca Parvu) In some of the biggest Spanish towns, the 2015 local elections have been won by women, and the left won in the top five biggest cities in Spain. Man ..

Blood and Soil or Communal Power?

source: kiyv post

The dead of Kiev’s Maidan are not only Ukraine’s dead; they are the dead of “post-communist” Eastern Europe. It hurts everywhere, but differently. An open wound cannot be closed with words, yet one can shout in solidarity that this may be the other end of the post-communist transition, the so-called bad side of the “successful” EU integration. However, at both ends, the transition itself has been a historical disaster, ruining at different rhythms the dignity, livelihood, lives and futures of millions of people. Ukraine’s current predicament could make this disaster visib ..