Articles by Mate Kapovic

Electoral Advance For The Radical Left in Croatia

Local elections were held in Croatia on May 21st. This was the first time since the 1990 that the radical left has made significant gains, which is especially encouraging in light of the probable parliamentary snap elections in September. In the capital of Zagreb, the wide left front (consisting of five, mostly new or newish, parties – ranging from left liberals to anti-capitalists) got 7,64% in the elections for the city council (around 24.000 votes). In lower levels of local government, the left front “Zagreb je nas” had even better results – close to 30% in some cases. The explicitly an ..

If we’re the 99%, why are we still at the bottom?

The ideologeme of 99% and 1% have been present in the popular imagination since 2011. They are obviously theoretically speaking rather crude and simplified, but still paint a good enough picture of a society divided into a political-economic elite at the top and the rest of the people. This division is one of the main problems of the political-economic system in which we live today (as it has been for all class systems in history). The problem lies in the fact that the system functions mainly in order to fulfill the interests of the elite at the top, with the interests of the rest of the society being taken into ..