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Marianna Szczygielska is a queer-feminist activist. She is a PhD Candidate in Gender Studies at Central European University in Budapest.

Rainbow Resistance: The Fight of LGBTQ Activists in Poland against Post-Election Repressions

Only one day after the Polish National Electoral Commission announced the incumbent president Andrzej Duda as the winner of the close runoff elections, a queer activist was arrested in Warsaw. According to witnesses, Margot’s arrest looked more like a kidnapping because ununiformed police officers handcuffed her with the use of force and dragged her out of her friend’s flat. (...) Queers have become public enemy number one in Poland. Continue reading →

#CzarnyProtest: the battle is won, but the struggle for abortion rights continues

On Monday October 3rd the eyes of the world were for a moment set on Poland. Deemed “Black Monday” it was the day when pro-choice rallies took place in 87 Polish cities and small towns with more than 30 thousand black-clad protesters spilling over the streets and squares despite a heavy rain. That day was declared a nationwide strike of women and supporters in response to the looming project of a law drastically restricting, or practically cancelling reproductive rights of women and trans persons in Poland. This atrocious proposal would totally ban all abortions and further criminalize women seeking pregnancy ..