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Struggles in Social Reproduction during Covid19: From East to West and Beyond

Note from LeftEast editors: This text first appeared on the Transnational Social Strike Platform website. It is co-authored by members of the LevFem and Transnational Social Strike Platform collectives. The text reflects key issues discussed during a June 28, 2020 online webinar coordinated by the two collectives [LINK TO VIDEO]. The webinar built on discussions with workers and activists from the the Central Eastern European region. The talks formed part of an emerging initiative to connect different struggles on the terrains of social reproduction, labour and migration in CEE and beyond. The Covid-19 pandemic s ..

LevFem on 1st May: the current crisis is not that new for Eastern European workers

Note from LeftEast editors: to celebrate the 1st of Maywe publish the position of Bulgarian socialist feminist group LevFem on the occasion of International Workers Day under the current lockdown. Below you can find the audiorecording and the text of this position. The audio recording is read by LevFem member Kalina Drenska on behalf of the collective. This year 1st May is going to be very different from what we have seen in the past. With the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing social distancing measures implemented all over the world, traditional forms of protests, marches and demonstrations can’t take place ..

What happened at the first Bulgarian Pride outside of Sofia? Young European Socialists Summer Camp 2019

A report from Stoyo Tetevenski For some time now, the discord on major social issues between the progressive Social Democratic and Socialist parties in Europe, on the one hand, and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), on the other, has deepened. The BSP has been repeatedly criticized by the socialist family for its positions on migration, minorities, the Istanbul Convention, women’s rights and LGBTIQ people. One of the issues that leads to the biggest schism is precisely gender equality and LGBTIQ rights. For years, some of the members and the leadership of the BSP have either attacked the queer ccommunity ..

The Nurses in Bulgaria are Rising Up!

The nurses in Bulgaria have declared the 1st of March a day of strike. They will start protest actions throughout the entire country at precisely 12 p.m. We are in full support of their actions and we call for solidarity internationally. This strike is not just a Bulgarian one. This strike concerns labor power that has been mobilized geographically by the growing interest of capital in the medical sector. Nursing has been one of the most feminized sectors in the country, with disgracing wages and humiliating labor conditions growing by the day. Medical care has become yet another field in which capital accumulate ..

Men in the Bulgarian Parliament stand behind violence against women

Text by left feminist group LevFem: Raia Apostolova, Kalina Drenska, Anastasia Lilieva, Lea Vajsova, Zhivka Valiavicharska, Neda Genova, Mariya Ivancheva Translation: Emanuela Yaneva The parliamentary session of the Bulgarian National Assembly, which took place on the 15th of November, and was aimed at voting legislative changes in the Criminal code concerning the criminalization of certain forms of domestic violence, was accompanied by an extremely sexist discussion by MPs. As it usually happens in the Bulgarian Parliament consensus marked the day. Despite various attempts from different parliamentary groups to ..