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Armenian leftists: We consciously choose peace

Note from the editors: Three weeks ago LeftEast published an anti-war statement of the Azerbaijani left. Now we are proud to publish the response of the anti-war Armenian leftists. In the meantime, the war has continued despite two ceasefires. The numbers of killed are hard to estimate, but are in the thousands by now, military as well as civilian. When reading texts like this, it is necessary to, first and foremost, acknowledge that their real impact is insignificant, even compared to the most toothless statements of the OSCE Minsk group and other international organisations. And therefore, the aim of such texts ..

Colonial Legacies, Decolonial Struggles: Anthropology and Europe’s Peripheries Today

This plenary session of the European Association of Social Anthropologists Biennial Conference, which took place July 21-24 in Lisbon, rethinks anthropology in and beyond Europe and considers how disciplinary hierarchies are reinforced. This requires concerted effort to create new spaces to counter structures and practices that reinforce hierarchies. The speakers engage with anthropology’s margins and marginalisations. Prem Kumar Rajaram (Central European University) &Mariya Ivancheva (University of Liverpool, LeftEast editorial board) convened this panel. Discussants include Mary Taylor (CUNY, LeftEast edi ..

Antifascism Is Not a Monument

The Sutjeska and Bijeljina monuments appear to stand for two profoundly divergent worlds, one symbolizing the cosmopolitan and antifascist past of socialist Yugoslavia, the other embodying the hyper-nationalist and segregationist present of post-Yugoslav states. Yet both monuments were made by the same sculptor. As I walked away, my stomach still churning, my first thought was not “How could this be?”, but “Oh no, not again.” Continue reading →

Closings and Openings: On (Im)Possibility of Translation

Note from LeftEast editors: The recent rise of far-right populisms and the general mood of crisis has triggered reflections among those who’ve experienced the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s on the lessons to be learnt from that conflict. The Disorder of Things blog is featuring a series of ‘Yugosplaining’ interventions, in which activists, artists, and thinkers from the region speak back to the Empire. You can find the articles here. New posts are being made daily throughout the month of July, including a commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. We republished this article b ..

Interview with the Global Prison Abolitionist Coalition

Lefteast 1: Can you tell us a bit about the Global Prison Abolitionist Coalition? What are its basic demands? How did it form and how does it relate to previously existing organizations? In May 2020, the Global Prison Abolitionist Coalition emerged from dialogues betweenorganizations such as the Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists, the Lausan Collective (Hong Kong and diaspora), the Emergency Committee for Rojava, various Brazilian socialist andanti-racistorganizations, Socialist Workers Alliance of Guyana Abolitionist Collective of Canada/U.S., Black and Pink, along withvariousEgyptian,Indian ..

Rare Treat: Recent Documentary on György Lukács Can Be Viewed Online Freely Until 03 May 2020

This Sunday (3 May), the "Georg" documentary, on György Lukács - his life, work, archives and contemporary significance - can be watched free of charge. Embedded link and password are inside the post. Continue reading →

We Asked about the Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

Bernie Sanders’ second presidential campaign brought a ray of hope to what had been a dismal political news cycle in the United States dominated by Trump’s odious figure and the Democrats’ ineffectual, “back to normal” opposition to him. To be sure, the broader resistance to Trump has also galvanized genuine movements devoted to protecting the undocumented and other marginalized groups he went out of his way to threaten, to fighting against climate change, and to demanding universal healthcare. These righteous but disparate causes lacked unity until the Sanders campaign made them pil ..

Safety Practices Used by Mutual Aid Projects during the Coronavirus Pandemic (part 2)

The second set of guidelines has been passed on by comrades in Germany. They are authored by physicist/data scientist Ben Maier, who researches the spread of infectious diseases. His material was initially posted on the self-publishing platform and has since been distributed widely, including by mainstream media outlets. We repost it here with the author's kind permission. Continue reading →

Safety Practices Used by Mutual Aid Projects during the Coronavirus Pandemic (part 1)

These guidelines were developed in the context of forming groups in the US that need this knowledge to be able to safely engage in mutual aid (i.e.: to self educate so that we do not cause harm when we think we are helping). We share so that mutual aid groups in different contexts can borrow from them, and adapt them according to the contexts in which they are operating. The main message is that agreed upon protocols are very important. Continue reading →

Call for Updates and Insight from Italian and US collectives

Dear Readers, As we try to care for ourselves, our loved ones, and our comrades, we are also struggling to find ways to engage in mutual aid that make sense under conditions of “invisible” contagion. We repost below two recent pieces that inspired us, and some links to resource pages. The LeftEast collective has been discussing the pandemic that is tying us together around the world in ways that are more explicit to many than capitalism. The words of one of our editors speak for many of us: “I am shifting between apocalyptic catastrophising, a neutral feeling that in my online-mostly position things donR ..