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Rare Treat: Recent Documentary on György Lukács Can Be Viewed Online Freely Until 03 May 2020

This Sunday (3 May), the "Georg" documentary, on György Lukács - his life, work, archives and contemporary significance - can be watched free of charge. Embedded link and password are inside the post. Continue reading →

We Asked about the Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

Bernie Sanders’ second presidential campaign brought a ray of hope to what had been a dismal political news cycle in the United States dominated by Trump’s odious figure and the Democrats’ ineffectual, “back to normal” opposition to him. To be sure, the broader resistance to Trump has also galvanized genuine movements devoted to protecting the undocumented and other marginalized groups he went out of his way to threaten, to fighting against climate change, and to demanding universal healthcare. These righteous but disparate causes lacked unity until the Sanders campaign made them pil ..

Safety Practices Used by Mutual Aid Projects during the Coronavirus Pandemic (part 2)

The second set of guidelines has been passed on by comrades in Germany. They are authored by physicist/data scientist Ben Maier, who researches the spread of infectious diseases. His material was initially posted on the self-publishing platform and has since been distributed widely, including by mainstream media outlets. We repost it here with the author's kind permission. Continue reading →

Safety Practices Used by Mutual Aid Projects during the Coronavirus Pandemic (part 1)

These guidelines were developed in the context of forming groups in the US that need this knowledge to be able to safely engage in mutual aid (i.e.: to self educate so that we do not cause harm when we think we are helping). We share so that mutual aid groups in different contexts can borrow from them, and adapt them according to the contexts in which they are operating. The main message is that agreed upon protocols are very important. Continue reading →

Call for Updates and Insight from Italian and US collectives

Dear Readers, As we try to care for ourselves, our loved ones, and our comrades, we are also struggling to find ways to engage in mutual aid that make sense under conditions of “invisible” contagion. We repost below two recent pieces that inspired us, and some links to resource pages. The LeftEast collective has been discussing the pandemic that is tying us together around the world in ways that are more explicit to many than capitalism. The words of one of our editors speak for many of us: “I am shifting between apocalyptic catastrophising, a neutral feeling that in my online-mostly position things donR ..

Call for solidarity: Russian antifascists sentenced to 6- 18 years prison

Note from LeftEast editors: we republish this post which initially appeared on Freedom Co-op’s blog and call for solidarity with the unjustly detained, tortured and convicted comrades. See below what actions you can take to support them. The trial of seven Russian antifascists accused of terrorist offences ended today in Penza, western Russia. Dmitry Pchelintsev recieved 18 years, Ilya Shakursky 16 years, Arman Sagynbaev 6 years, Andrei Chernov 14 years, Vasily Kuksov 9 years, Mikhail Kulkov 10 years and Maxim Ivankin 13 years imprisonment. The Network case has begun in October 2017, when the Russian Federa ..

Call for support for workers of the Turkish company “KAYI CONSTRUCTION” in Kaunas, Lithuania

Original here. We are calling for international support for the workers of Turkish company “Kayi Construction” that was building stadium in Kaunas, Lithuania. For three weeks of January 2020 the workers have been on strike because the company has not paid wages for 9 months. May 1st union is representing the workers in Lithuania and gathering financial support for the workers and their families in Turkey. We ask you to contribute and share the information about the grave violations of workers rights by the turkish company. In 2018, a Turkish construction company “Kayi Construction” won the public tender a ..

In the Struggle You’ll Earn Your Rights: Russian Socialist Movement’s Statement on the Proposed Constitutional Reforms and the Change of Russian Government

The presidential announcement and the change of government that immediately followed it on January 15th officially inaugurate the much-awaited succession operation, establishing the mechanisms whereby power will be preserved in the hands of the ruling elite. The key element in this operation is the “continuity” within the framework of personal power. That is, in one or another capacity, Putin will preserve the control over decision-making after the expiration of his fourth presidential term. The proposed constitutional amendments offer several possible scenarios of power for him: as the chairman of the State ..

We Asked: the Legacy of Corbynism

Under the radical leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Labour Party has been seen as a ray of hope and a model for progressive revival by many – though by no means all – leftists across Europe and the Atlantic world. Labour’s painful defeat in the recent general election is an occasion for thinking about the legacy of Corbynism, and the view from Eastern Europe, broadly defined (here including Israel and the diaspora) is particularly important given the role played by Eastern European migration, English nationalism, xenophobia and accusations of antisemitism in the run-up to this decisive setback ..

“Unless we detach ourselves from the fascists, there can be no left alternative”: Jock Palfreeman on the way forward for the Left in Bulgaria

This is the second part of Polina Manolova’s interview with Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association leader Jock Palfreeman, first published in Bulgarian by Dversia. Street and institutional fascism in Bulgaria At the moment, there is a typical fascist government [in Bulgaria]. The fascists in Bulgaria say that the biggest problem are the Gypsies. And what about the fact that ethnic Bulgarians have control over prisons, police, the army, education, the health system and the whole country? Oftentimes prisoners are singled out as the problem: authorities say that the biggest issue in Bulgarian prisons is the BP ..