Articles by Iskra Krstic

Economic and Political Democracy for the City: an Interview with Ana Méndez de Andés

Many thanks to our comradely internet platform Masina in Serbia for permitting us to republish this interview. Six years ago a wave of demonstrations broke out throughout Spain. What started as a protest against the widespread political corruption and the lack of “real” democracy soon spread to millions of people challenging the current political and economic order. This movement will have later come to be known as the Indignados, or the 15M movement. The main three slogans of the May 15, that were supported by almost 80% of the population, were: “You call it a democracy – but it’s not”, “It’s n ..

The USS Strike: pensions are the trigger, but the strike is about discontent with academic working conditions in the UK

Note from the LeftEast editors: this article first appeared in Serbian on the comradely web portal Masina and was kindly translated and adapted for LeftEast by its author. The biggest strike in the history of British higher education started last Thursday. Lectturers and researchers at around sixty British universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter and Imperial College London, will discontinue work for 14 days in the course of the next four weeks. Members of University and College Union (UCU), the largest higher education union in the world, representing some 11 000 employees, decided to take industrial a ..