Articles by Griselda Qosja

The Long and Winding Road to Socialism: a conversation with Srećko Horvat

When the reader embarks on reading The Iliad or The Odyssey, she knows quite well what will happen to whom and yet she doesn’t know exactly when. Capitalist financial crises are pretty much the same; we know from past experience that they will happen but we don’t know how and when. The European Debt crisis found the European Union completely unprepared. It showed not only that the European middle class was vulnerable but also that, once conscious of this vulnerability, it would significantly reorient its support for the established political platforms. As a result, Marine Le Pen reached the final round during ..

Albanian Students Revolt: What Is to Be Done?

In the last days, thousands of students have flooded the narrow street where the Albanian Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth is located. Demonstrations of this magnitude are not alien to the public. In the last three decades there have been plenty of anti-government demonstrations in Albania, and apart from a few notable exceptions, they have been successfully co-opted by various mainstream political parties. Thus, one of the main features of this protest has been a clear collective attempt to keep it unaffiliated with any political party, the main reason for this being the fear of losing the credibility. The ..