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a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a doctoral researcher at the POPULISMUS project. He is the co-editor of the collective volume Radical Democracy and Collective Movements Today. The Biopolitics of the Multitude versus the Hegemony of the People (Ashgate: 2014)

A government of the Left in Greece: the coalition of SYRIZA with ANEL and what lies ahead

After January 25th, with the landslide victory of the radical-left SYRIZA over the right-wing New Democracy, we have in Greece the first (and only) left-wing government ever elected in a European Union member state. This alone is already a major development, not only for Greece and its crisis-ridden society, but also for a Europe struggling with numerous problems and impasses and for its peoples anxiously searching for alternatives to the dominant neoliberal model. But many have found it difficult to celebrate SYRIZA’s victory as a ‘victory of the left’, since SYRIZA immediately formed a coalition governmen ..