Articles by George Souvlis

Andreas Karitzis: The Left in power. What can we learn from the case of SYRIZA? (Part I)

Note from the LeftEast editors: In this long interview with George Souvlis, Andreas Karitzis reflects on his experience as part of the Syriza leadership during the crucial years 2012-2015, on its underpreparedness for the historic project it embarked on, on the odds stacked against it, and on the configurations of power in today’s world. While Syriza’s fight for a fair deal for Greece and a socially just Europe has suffered (a temporary or permanent–we don’t know) defeat, Karizis’s reflections need to be heeded next time the Left comes to power. Part II will follow next week. 1 ..

Petros Stavrou: “The European ruling class sees the economic crisis solely as a reproduction crisis of its own social status”

We publish here an interview with Petros Stavrou, from 2013 until 2015 an economist and advisor of the parliamentary group SYRIZA  for development and social cohesion policies of the European Structural Funds . Conducted by George Souvlis, the interview provides an essential overview of the economic and political context which led to SYRIZA’s failure. Coming after the turbulent negations over Greek debt this year, it is also an important reflection on the possibilities of a progressive leftist project within the European context. After leaving SYRIZA, Petros Stavrou is now part  of a small initiative of the ..

Morgane Merteuil: Sex work can be emancipatory only as a collective process

Note of the LeftEast editors: On April 13, 2016, the French government promulgated a law that makes it illegal to pay for sex after MPs finally approved new legislation on prostitution following more than two years of rows and opposition by senators. Under the new law, anyone caught purchasing an act from a sex worker will be fined and required to attend classes on the harms of prostitution. Six months on, according to the French union of sex workers STRASS, the law has made the nearly 30,000 sex workers in France more vulnerable. The union has further accused Maud Olivier, Socialist MP who is behind the bill, of ..