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Fitim Salihu is the founder of the Students' Political Club. He finished BA studies in Political Sciences at the University of Prishtina. He regularly analyses and writes about international relations, especially about Latin America and the Middle East. He had also worked as editor of the culture section at a daily newspaper in Kosovo.

The “Pronto” scandal: Wire-tapping senior officials in Kosovo

This article is published in collaboration with the regional portal Bilten. It’s been a month since one of the main portals in Kosovo, “Insajderi”, began publishing a series of tapped telephone conversations among senior political officials in Kosovo. This was the biggest scandal of its kind since the liberation of the country and the reaction of public opinion was strong, but not strong enough to threaten the continuation of this ruling establishment, namely the coalition of the two largest parties in the country – the Democratic Party and Democratic League. The focus of the tapped phone calls wa ..

Kosovo: Spring of the great loneliness

Note from the LeftEast editors: this article has been published in collaboration with the Serbo-Croat web portal Bilten.Org What was predicted to be “The Kosovar Spring” in fact turned out to be opposition’s “Spring of the great loneliness”, if we can raise an analogy with one of the masterpieces of the Albanian novelist, Ismail Kadare, The Winter of the Great Loneliness in which he describes Albania’s break with the Soviet Union in 1961 and the solitude of the country, which had just turned its back on the Warsaw Pact. A similar kind of solitude is now being felt by the Kosovo opposition ..

The association that dissociates: on the Kosovo-Serbia Agreement

Note from the LeftEast editors: this article was originally published by the Balkan web-portal On August 25th, in Brussels, Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Isa Mustafa and his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, signed the Agreement on the Association of Serb majority municipalities in Kosovo. This was the flash point and most disputable event of the three year negotiation process between Kosovo’s government and Serbia’s government. From the moment that it was made public, there was the conception that we will now have a political entity that is based on the national division of the countr ..