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Eva Schwab studied Sociology and Social and Cultural Anthropology in Münster and Vienna. She is currently Ph.D. student at Central European University in Budapest.

Book Review: Carbonella and Kasmir, In Blood and Fire: Toward a Global Anthropology of Labor

The informal sector in the economy has been rising recently from a concept that designated marginal forms of labor occurring in Third World cities – that grew in the 1970s without formal growth and created a from Western perspective atypical ‘Third World unemployment’ (cf. Hart 2009) – to one designating flexibilized, temporary or quasi-self-employed work in the neoliberal era in cities around the world. The volume at hand provides six ethnographies from cities in Spain, India, Poland, Columbia, and US that use dispossession as analytical lens to conceptually frame these processes, which they call the mul ..

“They are hoarding rubbish and burning tyres wherever you put them…”: Displacing and Disciplining Roma Waste Pickers in Belgrade

Since 2009 Belgrade has become the site of massive interventions in ‘public order’ that revolve around one problematic subject: the ‘informal individual Roma waste picker’. Interventions to restore ‘public order’ usually come under different banners ranging from hygienic living conditions, to security, to civil rights. In the name of realizing common goods these interventions profoundly reorganize socio-economic rights and property relations. As such they have disenfranchising effects on certain subjects problematized as essentially unsuited to the orderly, clean, safe society to come. After analyzing ..