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Eszter Neumann is a sociologist of education and member of the Helyzet Working Group for Public Sociology. Her research focuses on the working mechanisms of the Post-Socialist Hungarian education system. Her research interests include educational decision-making, urban education policies, and the school as a site of exercising power. She has been a PhD student at King’s College London since 2013.

Government policy no longer seeks to prevent the processes of social marginalization in Hungary. An interview with Eszter Neumann.

The Hungarian Government’s steps towards creating a ‘work-based society’ are likely to bring cuts and conceptual reforms in education. Eszter Neumann, in an interview for Fent Es Lent, discussed the social processes behind this policy shift. Fent es Lent: The Hungarian government is preparing serious cuts and conceptual reforms in education. Let’s begin with issues related to the secondary education system. Viktor Orbán, the prime minister has announced his intention to build a “work-based society” instead of the welfare state, and the Secretary of State for Employment announced that he would decreas ..