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#25N : Essential Struggles Against Patriarchal Violence

Note from LeftEast editors: we stand with this position shared by the Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational network, first published on the website of Transnational Social Strike. November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. On this day women* stand together against patriarchal violence in all its different forms and shades. On Sunday November 29th we, Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational (E.A.S.T.), invite everyone to discuss inan online public assemblyhow to connect transnationally struggles against patriarchal, racist, capitalist violence in the pandemic. ..

Our Strike is Essential! Together with Polish Women for Freedom of Abortion

by E.A.S.T. – ESSENTIAL AUTONOMOUS STRUGGLES TRANSNATIONAL On the 22nd of October, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal declared abortion for foetal malformation – one of the few remaining grounds for legal abortion – unconstitutional. By doing so the Tribunal is paving the way for an almost complete ban of abortion in Poland. During the global pandemic, this means making abortion abroad the only option, even more unsafe and costly for women* living in Poland. This sentence reactivated the anger of the Black Protest, setting off a huge wave of revolt and blockades all over the country, defying the restriction ..