Articles by BLOCUL Pentru Locuire

Manifesto for Housing Justice: Against the Pandemic of Capitalism and Racism

#stayhome#notstayingaside Note from LeftEast editors: we reprint the call for housing justice, first published by the Romanian group BLOCUL pentru LOCUIRE on their website. The time has come for this political agenda to change radically: housing politics must satisfy the needs of the people and respect the right to housing as a universal right! The time has come for the rich to pay for everything that they stole through workforce exploitation, real estate speculation, and the theft of the government’s resources to the disfavour of the many. This is our manifesto: I. The Housing Problems of the People Most Affec ..

Call Upon Candidates Running for European Parliament: Public social housing should be a priority for the European Parliament Agenda for 2019-2023

Support the Adoption of a European Housing Strategy that allows for and also requires member states to: -Regulate real-estate business for the benefit of public good-Support the production of social housing and other types of public good in order to ensure universal access to adequate housing in accordance with the fundamental right to housing I. HOUSING CRISIS IN ROMANIA AND THE EUROPEAN UNION The map from above (CECODHAS Housing Europe Review, 2011) shows that Romania is among those EU Member States where the percentage of the social housing within the whole housing stock is the lowest. According to the data ..