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Arlind Qori works as a lecturer of political philosophy in the University of Tirana, Albania. He is also an activist at the radical leftist organisation Organizata Politike.

Welcome to the dystopian Neverland: Albania, a country in which public transportation will become the ultimate luxury

Imagine a country that once was considered the last stronghold of Stalinist socialism. A country that after the velvet revolution quickly became the apt pupil of the IMF, was one of the first to implement neoliberal reforms, and was also considered in the early nineties by none other than the IMF to be the ideal model of neoliberal capitalist restructuring. Imagine a country whose deindustrialization and mass privatization were shattering, whose unemployment reached its peak and was countered only by mass emigration to the West, especially to Greece and Italy. A country, a large part of whose working class curren ..