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Andreja Živković is a sociologist and member of Marx21 in Serbia. He is the author and editor of ‘The Balkan Socialist Tradition’ (special issue, Revolutionary History Journal, 2003) and Revolution in the Making of the Modern World (Routledge 2007); and is contributing a chapter on the political economy of the debt economy in ex- and post-Yugoslavia to Srecko Horvat and Igor Stiks (eds.), Welcome to the desert of post-socialism: radical politics in former Yugoslavia, Verso, 2015.

Is Macedonia on the brink of war? (2012)

Note from the LeftEast editors: In his text, ‘From the banality of elections to a new political situation’, published on LeftEast in cooperation with Bilten.Org, Artan Sadiku calls for a serious rethinking of left political perspectives since the widespread belief that the social question would inevitably trump national divisions has been disproved by nationalist struggles that may soon ‘put to test Macedonia as a county’. As a contribution to the discussion, LeftEast is republishing an article by Panos Garganas, a leading member of the Socialist Workers’ Party (SEK), who was put on tria ..

The People’s Uprising: A Break with Dayton Bosnia?

War has returned to the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not the nationalist wars of partition of the 1990s, or the cold war of nationalist politicians within an ethnically divided federation presided over by a colonial style High Representative of the Great Powers, but a social war, an uprising of the people. Beginning with the revolt of workers from Tuzla against the privatised massacre of industry, angry workers, unemployed youth and war veterans have risen in solidarity, burning cars and government buildings across the Bosnian Federation, and demanding the resignation of the Federal and cantonal governments. ..

The future lasts a long time: a short history of European integration in the ex-Yugoslavia

„There is no alternative to Europe“ – is «la pensée unique« that dominates political life in the ex-Yugoslavia. As with the idea of a transition to the market, Europe is considered to be a destination that is to be still to be reached, a community of peace and prosperity. In fact, as we will show, we have been »in Europe« now for over four decades and we remain exactly where we started – a dependency of the European empire. In this article we present a brief history of European integration before formal European integration. The history of European integration is the history of growing economic depen ..

Drowning in debt: On neoliberal austerity in Serbia and how to fight it

Serbia is officially bankrupt. We cannot, so Aleksandar Vučić,  First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, claims, keep spending more than we earn “or we will swallow ourselves whole”. The fault, so goes the story, lies in the economic policy pursued over the past 13 years since the fall of the Milošević regime by all previous governments. This is the justification for the austerity and reform measures finally announced on 8th October. In fact, we will argue, the coming wave of austerity is not a break with but represents an intensification of the neo-liberal economic regime. Not only will it not solve t ..