Russia: The Protest Movement is Younger, Poorer, and More Left Wing

Translated by Sean Guillory A version of this article was published in Russian at As conspiracy theories about Trump-Russian “collusion” and fatuous claims about Putin’s iron grip have dominated American headlines for the past two years, the politics of the Russian street have undergone a noticeable transformation. Despite the authorities’ best efforts, mass street protests have become a fact of Russian life. The mass protests for fair elections in December 2011 aroused intellectuals’ interest in opposition politics in the large cities. Seven years later, the aesthetics of protest have ch ..

[Podcast] Sweeping (Away) Poor Working Conditions: Cleaning Workers Struggle in Italy

This episode looks into working conditions in the commercial cleaning sector in Italy. You will hear from migrant and local workers about their common experiences and mutual interests. The project consortium involved Multicultural center Prague (lead), University of Padua, “Our choice” foundation, Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Estudios y Cooperación para el Desarrollo (ESCODE), and SOLIDAR. The podcasts were created in collaboration with Center for media, data and society of the CEU. The views expressed in this publication are those of the respective authors and do not reflect the views of the Eur ..

Call Upon Candidates Running for European Parliament: Public social housing should be a priority for the European Parliament Agenda for 2019-2023

Support the Adoption of a European Housing Strategy that allows for and also requires member states to: -Regulate real-estate business for the benefit of public good-Support the production of social housing and other types of public good in order to ensure universal access to adequate housing in accordance with the fundamental right to housing I. HOUSING CRISIS IN ROMANIA AND THE EUROPEAN UNION The map from above (CECODHAS Housing Europe Review, 2011) shows that Romania is among those EU Member States where the percentage of the social housing within the whole housing stock is the lowest. According to the data ..

Workers won in Audi Hungary: “We hope that our strike has send the message to other employees to unite”

Employees of Audi Hungary in the western city of Györ conducted a successful seven-day strike in late January. It was the AHFSZ (Audi Hungaria Independent Trade Union) that led the strike. The AHFSZ currently has 9,700 members in the plant (72% of the workers) and defines itself as a “union independent from all political parties as well as from any Hungarian trade unions or federations”. Members of AHFSZ kindly agreed to answer Philippe Alcoy’s questions. The workers of Audi Hungary in Gyor went on strike for seven days on wages and working conditions and won a great victory against this global ..

A Fiasco for the Conservative Left: on the Presidential Elections in Slovakia

Originally published in Bulgarian in Translated for LeftEast by Kamelia Tzeneva. A fiasco for the conservative left The candidate of the extra-parliamentary party “Progressive Slovakia” Zuzana Čaputová is the new president of the country. Despite her victory, the extreme right manages to set the tone for political debate. The news that Slovakia will be headed by a woman for the first time travelled around all global media channels this weekend. The lawyer and environmental activist Zuzana Čaputová, from the extra-parliamentary party “Progressive Slovakia,” got 58,40% of the votes in the ..

A comedian could be Ukraine’s next president. How did that happen?

This article by Volodymyr Ishchenko, a member of LeftEast’s editorial collective, was originally published in The Guardian. Volodymyr Zelenskiy has united a polarised country by rejecting angry nationalism – but his politics offer no panacea. A politically inexperienced comedian, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, is in the leadafter the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine – and by a huge margin. He is almost 15 percentage points ahead of the incumbent president, Petro Poroshenko. Zelenskiy’s unconventional campaign, relying primarily on Instagram and a TV show in which he plays a fictional Ukrainian presi ..

One Hundred Netanyahus

This article by Matan Kaminer, a member of LeftEast’s editorial collective, was originally published in Jacobin. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t be defeated in the polls on April 9. Whether he is indicted for corruption soon or not, his method of repressing Palestinian resistance is popular — and will probably outlast him in Israeli politics. Even if Netanyahu goes to prison for the corruption offenses that the Attorney General has recently recommended he be indicted for, whoever replaces him will likely continue the same policies for as long as Palestinian resistance remains manageab ..

All For the Sake of the Eternal State? The Upcoming Local Elections in Turkey

People in Turkey are once again called upon to go to the polls on March 31. This time around local elections are on the agenda. The administrations of provinces, districts and neighborhoods respectively are to be elected. One would think that local elections certainly have some importance, but are hardly decisive for the fate of the country as a whole. This is particularly the case in a country where there is an antique provincial government system – the vilayet-system inherited from the Ottoman Empire – controlled by central government, which concentrates many important decision making processes such as gene ..

Quarrying the stones of Palestine

Interview with Andrew Ross Andrew Ross is Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University, whose work combines scholarly inquiry, investigative reporting and activist perspectives. Much of his research concerns the built environment in sites as far afield as Phoenix, Arizona and Abu Dhabi. His latest book, Stone Men (Verso, 2019) looks at the stone industry in the West Bank and the complex role of this material in the Israeli colonization drive and Palestinian resistance. Matan Kaminer, a member of LeftEast’s editorial board and also a student of ..