Spanish elections 2016: Has the Podemos-strategy run into it’s limitations?


1. Polls predicted that Unidos Podemos would finish ahead of the social democrats of PSOE, and that these two parties would muster a majority against the parties of the right. This did not happen, and Unidos Podemos in fact lost votes compared to the December 2015 results of the two parties that make up UP (Podemos and Izquierda Unida). Of course this is a huge disappointment for the activists and ordinary people who had invested so much hope and energy into kicking the hated casta out of power and ending the social emergency caused by years of high unemployment, austerity, mass evictions, etc. But as movement ma ..

“An anti-capitalist perspective, […] requires a breach with the EU” – Interview with Kevin Ovenden


While at the Marx is’ Muss Congress 2016, Pavle Ilic and Anja Ilic (Marks21, Serbia) interviewed Kevin Ovenden, a British activist and publicist, active on both the British and the Greek political scenes. One of the most important voices of the British left, Kevin has recently written a book on Syriza, entitled “Syriza: Inside the Labyrinth” (Pluto Press, 2015). Taken before the murder of Jo Cox, this interview tries to delineate some of the contours of the European project before the Brexit vote, touching upon the dynamics which have moulded the current context: the austerity orthodoxy of the EU, the attit ..

Looking Back at 1917 from the Post-Soviet Period

Petrograd (Saint Petersburg), July 4, 1917. Street demonstration on Nevsky Prospekt just after troops of the Provisional Government have opened fire.

Simon Pirani is a socialist writer and historian. His books include The Russian Revolution in Retreat 1920-24: Soviet workers and the new communist elite (Routledge 2008). This article is based on a paper he delivered at a conference on “Twenty Five Years After the USSR” at the German Historical Institute, Moscow, 10 June 2016. British perceptions of the Russian revolution and its outcomes have changed considerably during the post-Soviet period. Focusing on the United Kingdom’s labour and socialist movements, broadly defined, this paper will consider three interrelated questions: First, how the collapse of ..

We Are Not for Sale! (Communique from “Life is too Expensive” Movement)

On June 16th the Lithuanian parliament was supposed to vote for the so called New Social Model: a neo-liberal assault involving severe labor code liberalization, criminalization of single-motherhood (you will only receive child’s allowance if married), ‘income’ tax imposed on unemployment benefits, etc, etc. On June 15th a demonstration in opposition to the new legislation led to the occupation of a park in Kaunas. We have held the park for two nights now and so far we have been able to defend ourselves against the police with the help of a quite broad public support. Our protests and occupation ..

Chipping away at the Political Consensus: Black Lives Matter and American Exceptionalism


(Review: From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation, by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Haymarket Books: 2015. ) Real America has a Romanian accent and lives in Prague In Eastern Europe there is a specific way in which the class relations and social transformations which have moulded US politics get lost in a glazed landscape of critical opacity. Within the region’s public sphere, underpinned by its “civil society” ethos, the protests, police violence and urban inequalities characterizing the US in the last decades are usually swept under the blanket with a clear conscience and an unwavering journalistic hand. Par ..